Sustainability at

Every contribution counts

At, we believe that everyone should make a contribution to climate protection, even small companies like us. We do this in various ways:

Climate-friendly, sustainable products

Our products, the practical shopping trolleys, make their own contribution to climate protection by promoting sustainable, soft mobility. Every purchase you make with a shopping trolley instead of by car is a small contribution to climate protection.

We also make sure that we only offer quality products that last a long time and can be repaired as easily as possible. And if your shopping trolley does show signs of wear after years of use, we offer a comprehensive spare parts service so that you can repair your trolley and don't have to throw it away.  

Environmentally friendly packaging materials

All of our packaging materials, from the cardboard to the document bag to the adhesive tape, are made from environmentally friendly materials and could theoretically even be composted.

Recycling of packaging material

We reuse the packaging material in which we receive the trolleys as much as possible. That's why you may sometimes find plastic filling material in your package. We think it's better to reuse this material instead of throwing it away. However, we make most of our filling material ourselves from the large cardboard boxes in which we receive the trolleys. This means that the cardboard has another use and is not just used once.

CO2-neutral shipping with Swiss Post

With our transport service provider, Swiss Post, all consignments are sent with the "pro clima" label and are therefore CO2-compensated. You can find more information about Swiss Post's commitment to the climate here.

CO2 compensation with Shopify

Shopify is our partner for the online store platform. Shopify is also very committed to climate protection. Shopify as a company is CO2-neutral and the operation of the store platform is also completely CO2-neutral. You can find more information about Shopify's climate commitment here here.

Shopify also has a sustainability fund which invests in projects to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. participates in the Planet Program by Shopify and thus supports the Shopify Sustainability Fund. With every purchase you make in our store, the shipping of your parcel will be compensated once again with measures that recover CO2 from the earth's atmosphere.

Two examples of companies that are supported by the Shopify Sustainability Fund

Grassroots Carbon
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Grassroots Carbon helps livestock farmers change their land management practices to improve soil and environmental health, sequestering and storing more carbon in the soil.

Fattening Reforestation
Drones over a forest

Mast Reforestation combines proven forestry practices with new technologies to reforest healthy, resilient and climate-adapted forests that have been lost to wildfires. Mast Reforestation's services include seed collection, seedling nursery, reforestation services and financing based on high-quality carbon sequestration credits.